Technics has been back on the scene for a few years now. For those unaware, Technics is Panasonic’s high end brand much in the way Pioneer has Technical Audio Devices Laboratory (TAD) as their high end product line.

Technics Grand Class Network Audio Amplifier SU G30

Since Technics has reemerged, they have been rolling out a series of highly well received (and award-winning) products. These include their Grand Class electronics and Premium Class SB-C700 speakers. These products have been turning a lot of heads and for good reason. They are super high quality, very musical, and they are packed with tons of forward-thinking technologies much of which is exclusive toe Technics.

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I have two of their newest products in for review now – the Grand Class SU-G30 Network Integrated Amplifier and the ST-G30 Music Server. As I alluded above, Technics has pulled out all the stops and packed these products with every conceivable high technology advancement they could muster. Also, these are decidedly Japanese products which means the build quality and execution are off the charts.

Technics Grand Class Network Audio Amplifier SU G30 and Music Server ST G30

I don’t want to spoil my review, but I will say here and now that these are some of the most amazing audio products I have ever had the pleasure to evaluate. And this amp can’t possibly be 50 watts per channel. It sounds like it’s kickin’ 200 watts. Seriously.

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Check them out here (with an excellent rundown on the inherent technologies) – Technics Grand Class G30 Series

– Jim Clements