Wonder – 4K UHD Blu-ray Movie Review

The movie "Wonder" is based on a bestselling novel by the same name. It's about a fifth grader named August Pullman whose parents each possess a recessive gene that, when combined at inception, led him to be born having structural issues with his face.

World of McIntosh

Approaching the artistically painted door, on a non-assuming 5-story townhouse building on Lafayette Street in lower Manhattan, doesn’t prepare you for what lies inside, home to WOM or World of McIntosh.

Sundance Film Festival 2018

It was another super-fun year at the Sundance film festival. Since there was a severe lack of snow (so not much skiing) I was able to see a whopping 17 feature films as well as shorts collection and a pair of “Indie Episodics”. Knowing how to get around, and acquire tickets...