Announcing the SECRETS Gallery!  Visit!  Submit!

During these times of lockdown, partial lockdown, sometimes lockdown and the rarefied air (as in lack of oxygen) that all of us are experiencing as a result of mask wearing, many of us have turned to more creative pursuits to maintain our collective sanity. Creativity is being expressed out there in so many ways, whether it be through Gardening, Cooking, Baking, Creative Zooming, Drawing, Photography, Painting, Building, etc.

So we thought it would be fun to create the SECRETS Gallery to share some of the artistic talents of our Editorial Team and Readers, related to the Audio/Video world of course!

If you fancy yourself an artist, this is an invitation to submit your original AV related artwork for publication on SECRETS. You will retain ownership of all rights, we just want to provide a platform for sharing your creations. All art will be reviewed by the Editor-in-chief, John Johnson, for acceptability of course, before publication.

To get this started we are republishing the AV art created by our own Carlo Lo Raso, a bona fide Artiste`!  To submit, just send your art to [email protected]  Please include a title for the art and a short bio. Let us know what you think and if you have ideas about how to enhance this new SECRETS Gallery feature, send those along too.