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Most home theater enthusiasts can enjoy their movies with a good display and an audio system anchored by an AV receiver or surround processor. But for those born with the tweaking gene, there are performance-enhancing products to get you that last one-percent towards perfection.

If you have a large DVD library, an advanced video processor can go a long way towards making standard-definition content look better. Even with the scaling solutions built into most players and displays, there are products that can take you further. Some come in the form of small boxes that connect between your source and display, and others demand space in your equipment rack and come at a premium price.

Another product near-and-dear to home theater buffs is a projection screen. Even the best display won’t show you what it can do if you throw the image on a wall. Screen materials come in a dizzying array of sizes and types so it’s important to know what will work best for your individual space. The newest models can even reject ambient light so you don’t have to watch movies in the dark. Our reviews cover screen material technology and we include contrast and color-shift testing so you can determine the best possible match for your projector.

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Video Accessory Reviews

Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater Review

The Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater is the best of the breed of head-mounted immersive video and audio products that I’ve seen. The Royole Moon puts you in a virtual theater that can display your movies in high resolution, show you 3D movies without ghosting or distractions, and give you web access including YouTube and other streaming services.

Murideo Prisma Video Processor Review

Murideo Prisma Video Processor Review

When you want greater accuracy and precision from a display, the best solution is an outboard video processor. The Murideo Prisma Video Processor supports 3D look-up tables and advanced image enhancement for any flat panel or projector. Not satisfied with your display’s color? The Prisma can fix it for you!

Stewart Filmscreen LuminEsse Review

Stewart Filmscreen LuminEsse Review

If you’re looking for something different than traditional roll-up or fixed-frame projection screen designs, there’s a third option – borderless. We’ve seen two examples from Screen Innovations; now I’m checking out Stewart Filmscreen’s new LuminEsse product.

Seymour Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen

At home, acoustically transparent projection screens have been around for years, but have always had flaws. The size of the holes required for allowing sound to pass through are often visible from normal seating distances in the home. Also, much of the light passes through the screen, and this reduces the brightness of the image you will see. A projector you can buy for $3,000 now has more than enough brightness to allow some loss through the perforations. We have also seen the introduction of woven screens that allow sound to pass through, but also have a fine texture that is invisible from a normal distance. One such screen material is the Enlightor 4K from Seymour Screen Excellence. Boasting ISF certification for image quality and said to be acoustically transparent from 100 Hz to 20 kHz, it looks to be a screen material that can give you that movie theater immersion at home.


Control4 Dimmers UPDATE

When I finished my initial review of Control4 I had it controlling my AV system but nothing else. As complete home integration is one of the reasons to use Control4 I needed to test something out. Control4 was nice enough to send over a few light dimmers to install so that I can see how they integrate.