How-to: Run Cables In Your Walls

How-to: Run Cables In Your Walls

In my recent article about installing a low-budget touch-panel, I mentioned that the cables can be run through the wall to hide them from view. So I created this simple, step by step guide to show you how to install a low voltage, CL3-certified cable into a wall the right way.

How-To: On-Wall Touchscreen For Under $60

On-wall touchscreens are often something only found in high-end homes. They’re used to control everything from lights, to HVAC and entertainment. They are also very expensive. The touchscreens from most home automation companies run from hundreds to thousands of dollars...

Fun With LED-Light Strips

A hidden gem from the emerging world of LED lighting, LED kits can be bought for as little as $15. They are sometimes overlooked, but LED kits have so many interesting uses for the tech-savvy do-it-yourselfer. I went online and purchased three different...

Frugel-Horn Mk3 – DIY Flat-pack Speaker Kit

It is surprisingly easy to build a high performance speaker for considerably less than purchasing a commercial product. All it takes is a few inexpensive tools, the right plans, a little time and patience. Even for those with little to no construction aptitude. So what to do if you're like me and are able to screw up the most basic home improvement projects, yet still desire to build your own speakers? Answer: Flat-Pack speaker kits.

DIY Calibration Software – Update: CalMAN 4.1

Since our DIY Calibration software round-up was originally published in May, the CalMAN software has undergone a major upgrade. When we met the SpectraCal folks at CEDIA in September, they were eager to have us try this new software package. I already had some hands on time with CalMAN 4 at the Calibration Bootcamp that I attended earlier this year CalMAN Calibration Bootcamp: A Crash Course in the Science of Calibration, but I hadn't had enough time to really explore the software on my own system and without the guidance of the SpectraCal training team.

DIY Handcrafted Speakers – Winner of CAVE Contest OPPO BDP-83-NuForce Edition Universal Blu-ray Player

Congratulations to the winner of the OPPO BDP-83/NuForce Edition Universal Blu-ray Player, Niko Coromelas.  Niko's story about his experience building these beautiful speakers was posted in the CAVE and we are featuring them here.  What a great project and Congratulations Niko!!

Well I don't know how many of you have tried your hand at making your own speakers but recently I set out on a project for a 3-way system and thought I would share it with everyone. My goal was to build a system that would be pleasing for both listening to Music as well as watching Movies with my projector. In the end, I was looking for a respectable set--namely better than what I could buy at a typical store. I didn't want it to cost me a fortune or never finish the project, I had that experience once before. Anyone who has gotten into a project knows what I'm talking about. You start, it seems fun with all the neat stuff, so you keep going, finding new things to add, then rebuilding half way through thus repeating the cycle till you never seem to finish. Well...this wasn't a trap I wanted to fall into!

DIY HDTV Calibration Software Overview: A Comparison of ColorHCFR, ChromaPure, and CalMAN

As I've read reviews for displays for a good part of the past 20 years, I've always seen references to how close the display will come to the reference points for grayscale and color. In the past, most end users were only able to access certain controls on a TV and using a disc such as Video Essentials, you could do a pretty good job adjusting those controls on your own to get your TV as close as you could. In this report, we take video calibration a step further by comparing three calibration software packages that you can use yourself: ColorHCFR, ChromaPure, and CalMAN.

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