Does Your Projector Display Accurate Color, and Why Is That Important?

Today’s displays are loaded with features, some of which affect image quality, and most of which are aimed at convenience and ease-of-use. But, the only meaningful way to separate the good from the bad is by looking at color accuracy. Now that is a term that is often written but rarely explained. So, join me now as we go on a journey through color science, video standards, and how all this impacts your enjoyment of the movie.

Multiple Subwoofer Experiment

It can be a real challenge to get smooth and peak-free bass in your home theater. There are many methods available to make this happen – subwoofer placement, room treatments, and equalization being the three most common practices.

Super Geek Guide to Tweaking ARC-2

Super Geek Guide to Tweaking ARC-2

Welcome to my continuing examination of the ARC-2 room correction system with some Dirac comparisons and usage suggestions thrown in. Dirac will have it own Guide to Tweaking coming up later. As a Super Geek, you are willing to try things that may make things worse, understand...