Tours, Interviews and Book Reviews

A Conversation with Mark Waldrep

During my preparations for the review of Mark Waldrep’s book, Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound (link), I was able to interview Mark by phone from his home on the California coast. We discussed the new book and touched on various aspects of his career in music and on the state of high-resolution audio in general.

Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound – Book Review

Many of our Secrets readers are, undoubtedly, already familiar with Mark Waldrep. His AIX Records audiophile label has been producing high-resolution music in stereo and multi-channel surround sound for almost twenty years. Mark recently decided to draw upon his 40 years of combined audio engineering, production and teaching experience to put together what amounts to a reference book about high-resolution audio. It neatly covers practically every link in the chain, from studio production to home playback.

Triad Speakers Factory Visit

Tucked away in a non-descript office park near the airport in Portland, OR is Triad Speakers. Looking at the outside of the building you would never imagine that inside the building is a complete speaker design and manufacturing company. Once you do enter you find a company where every speaker is made to...

A Video Interview with Andy Ton from Win Analog

After seeing the Win Analog preamp and power amplifiers at the California Audio Show a few weeks ago, I drove to the Win Analog offices in the San Francisco East Bay and interviewed the designer, Andy Ton. These amplifiers are very unusual, especially the power amplifiers, which use a single radio transmitter triode as the output tube in single-ended configuration, with an output of 100 watts rms in Pure Class A. Click on the photo to go to the interview to see why he used such a tube rather than a more conventional audio tube.