The Vault

The Vault

SECRETS is midway through twenty-three years of publication, and our product review archives exceed 2000 product reviews and hundreds of technical articles and features. So we are moving our archives to THE VAULT….a little “dusty”, but oh-so-interesting to look back circa 1994.

The early html formats are still visible. We have kept everything in our VAULT and have decided to bring these back to life, little by little, since we have a lot of SECRETS readers using our archives for research on older products, emerging technologies, test methods and results, and more.

We’d really like to hear from you about your vault exploration: so share your “finds” in the discussion.

A word of caution…THE VAULT is far from perfect! Once you enter, you may encounter missing images and links. If you want us to dust off specific cobwebs, let us know if you encounter something that needs repair, we may be able to fix. After numerous upgrades and redesigns over the years, it is impossible to keep everything perfect with a database this huge. Who knows what you will discover. You might find the Holy Grail, the meaning of Life, or the missing link.


Just for fun…periodically we will feature some Tales from the Vault on our main website and in the weekly Newsletter.

Check out these reviews from the early years:

Paradigm Reference Series Speakers, by Brian Florian, Senior Editor, 2000

Paradigm Reference Speakers Main

Paradigm Reference Speakers Studio 40

Paradigm Reference Speakers MLP

NAD C541i CD Player, by former Senior Editor Jason Serinus, 2002.

NAD C541i CD Player

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