Introduction to Headphone Amplifier Reviews

With the wider proliferation of high quality headphones in the marketplace, a need for more dedicated sources of quality amplification has followed. A proper headphone amp used to be seen only in tandem with expensive electrostatic headphones or in a recording studio. Not anymore. In the quest to develop higher resolution headphones, a number of models now present a more challenging load to drive to their fullest potential. This applies to many models of both home and portable headgear. A properly designed headphone amplifier, whether for home or portable use, can go a long way to increase your musical enjoyment when listening to cans. Having more robust dedicated circuitry and power supply capacity will reduce the distortion of any headphone you plug into it. And it also opens up your choices to variety of headphones you can experience. This is handy particularly if you want to drive some of the lower sensitivity pro-style or audiophile headphones out there. Just like your home speakers, headphones can only benefit from an abundant supply of clean power to drive them. Today, a wide array of headphone amplification is available to use in conjunction with both portable and home equipment, with prices varying accordingly. They range from tube to solid state amplification. Some have built in DACs and USB connections for use with computers. Some of the portable units are robust enough to allow you to take your home headphones on the go, while some of the home units will feature both standard and balanced connections for various headphone types. Through our reviews, featuring both subjective analysis and bench testing, we will help narrow down the best amplifier match for your given headphone need.

Headphone Amplifier Reviews