Gene Hopstetter

D-Sonic M3a-600M Mono Amplifier Review

Dennis Deacon, a mechanical engineer, designs and builds Class D mono, stereo, and home theater amplifiers that can produce prodigious amounts of power. They are all relatively small, run cool, and produce an amount of power that belies their size. There are no fans, no heat sinks, and not much else to get in the way of the sound.

Spatial Audio M4 Triode Master Speaker Review

Spatial Audio’s M4 Triode Master speakers deliver holographic imaging and powerful dynamics from four high-efficiency drivers mounted in a sleek panel. They are easy to drive with both low - and high-powered amplifiers, and will make engaging music with pretty much any kind of amplifier you have on hand. They are easy to place in a listening room, work well with many styles of décor, and just plain look handsome. And the qualities they deliver at their selling price are hard to beat.