What We Are Listening To!

What We Are Listening To! Audiophile

It goes without saying that SECRETS writers are lovers of music, and we use it, day-in and day-out from all manner of sources to help us assess the quality of the gear we each have under review. Whether it be speakers, headphones, turntables, CD/SACD players, receivers, amplifiers or anything Audio, we want to hear how our favorite music sounds through all of these products.

That’s why in our regular reviews you will see examples of music we think shows the gear off best. Traditionally, the music sources have been mostly from disk media like CD and SACD. But more and more we are seeing the resurgence of Vinyl LPs, the increased use of USB and computer sources and of course the juggernaut that is Streaming.

We have so many music options available to us today, both in music source and music format: CD, vinyl, streaming, Hi-Res Audio, DSD, MQA, Multi-channel audio, open-reel tape, and on and on. And our reviewers, just like you, may enjoy many or all these music sources and formats. So, the SECRETS Team decided that it might be fun to share more of our musical favorites with you, in one spot, on a regular basis. This new monthly feature is literally called “What We're Listening To.”

Every month we will share some of the musical selections that we are enjoying, along with whatever format they may be on, and we hope that you, the readers, will feel like sharing back! These selections aren’t meant to be formal music reviews per se, but just a snapshot of what we are listening to from month-to-month.

The SECRETS Team is a diverse and interesting bunch, with a broad array of musical taste. Personally, I’m looking forward to exploring some of my colleague’s musical suggestions. We hope that you will feel like doing the same.

Carlo Lo Raso, Co-Editor and Music Nut

What We Are Listening To! Audiophile Dog

What We Are Listening To!