Product Previews

Sonus faber Maxima Amator Preview

For almost four decades, Sonus faber has made loudspeakers, like the new Maxima Amator, that are as much art as they are music makers. For their early designs, bookshelf and stand-mounted speakers made of real hardwood (no MDF) were a hallmark of Sonus faber. The visual appeal of the speakers themselves received as much in terms of accolades as did the sound quality.

Sonus Faber OMNIA Preview

Italian speaker juggernaut Sonus faber may be best known for their ultra-high-end speaker systems that lead the way in both sound reproduction and industrial design, but they have also been known to introduce innovative audio gear that is aimed at a much broader audience.

Paradigm Founder 120H Loudspeaker Preview

As an outsider looking in, the new Paradigm Founder line of loudspeakers seems to take some of the magic of the no-holds-barred Persona Series and melds it with a more straightforward, purposeful aesthetic and design focus, reminiscent of the company’s earlier days.