See the complete review for the PSB Synchrony T600 Tower Speaker.

PSB celebrates its 50th Anniversary with an all-new Synchrony line that includes the T600 Tower Speaker I’ve just received for review. It’s a ground-up design that packs all of Paul Barton’s vast experience into a single product.

The PSB Synchrony T600 Tower Speakers

The PSB Synchrony T600 Tower Speaker takes everything Paul Barton has learned over 50 years as a speaker designer and packs it into a single product. With carbon fiber drivers, a five-way transitional array design, a milled aluminum faceplate, and special isolator feet from ISO Acoustics, it takes the Canadian sound to a whole new level.

I’ve already unpacked the T600s, and they are impressive. The fit and finish are on par with any high-end speaker I’ve encountered, many of which cost a lot more than $8,999 a pair. The ISO Acoustics feet come in their own box and thread into a large metal plate at the base of each cabinet. They have large fittings that can be used to level the speakers. I also found two port plugs for each speaker. The cabinets have three ports in the back, one for each woofer chamber. The midrange and tweeter are in their own chamber at the top.

The PSB Synchrony T600 Tower Speakers Midrange

I set them up at the front of my theater, toed in, and 16 inches from the wall. I thought I might need the plugs, but I quickly found that bass is so well controlled, that they were unnecessary. I’m playing them in now using an Emotiva XPA-5 power amp and an Anthem AVM-70 preamp/processor. So far, they’re shaping up to be the most musical speakers I’ve heard in my home. This is going to be a fun review. Watch this space for my full report and listening notes.

See the complete review for the PSB Synchrony T600 Tower Speaker.