I get a lot of friends through my listening room, which is mostly full of Simaudio equipment, with speakers by Daedalus and a Nottingham turntable.

Blown away, most are afraid to ask about the accumulated cost though. Even if they have the scratch, they just aren’t in the habit of spending large sums on a stereo. So, I tell them: “Get a good integrated.” They may or may not know what that even means. Anyway, next time it happens I will point them to my upcoming review of the Moon by Simaudio 240i Integrated Amplifier.

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Initial Impressions

Simaudio 240i Integrated Amplifier

This amp is at the most “entry-est” level of an impressive lineup of five integrated amplifiers that Simaudio offers. The 240i offers a solid 50W per channel, built in DAC and phono stage, USB (and of course optical or S/PDIF) inputs on the rear and a mini-jack front channel input for your portable.

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Stay Tuned

I’ve been listening to the 240i as a substitute for my overgrown stack of separates in my main listening room and as a substitute for my overgrown stack of components in my home-theater room, the listening has been grand, and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Review is coming up.