The search for a serial killer spans several years in Norway, with murders at the first snow of the season. Based on a bestselling novel from 2007, Detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) tries to put the mystery together.

The Snowman - Blu-Ray Movie Review

The Snowman - Movie Cover
Universal Pictures
2017, BD 50 Rated R, DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, Aspect Raio: 185:1
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Val Kilmer
Director: Tomas Alfredson



Violence: Yes
Sex: Yes
Language: Yes


In a word, this is a chilly movie. It’s gruesome, convoluted, and ultimately unsatisfying. It’s also frustrating, because so much talent is tied up in the film that ultimately melts away like the spring snow.

The Snowman - Movie Review

The acting is really first rate. Fassbender has the makings of an interesting character in this film, but is weighed down by the script. I didn’t recognize Val Kilmer when he first appeared, he’s had years of battling throat cancer, and his face is puffy. I’m pretty sure his voice is dubbed, but it’s great to see Kilmer return to the screen.

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Director Tomas Alfredson is no amateur, he had a major hit with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Let the Right One In, but this film just isn’t coherent. It has the look and feel of a major noir triumph, but it just doesn’t hold together.


This is the best looking film with lots of snow since Dr. Zhivago. The muted colors of Norway, and the warm interiors just look lovely. I watched the film a second time just to admire the locations and the lighting. The 7.1 surround is dynamic.

The Snowman - Blu-Ray Review

Even in quiet scenes, you can hear the wind whistling around your listening room. The editing, with the beloved editor of Martin Scorsese, Thelma Schoonmaker is first rate. Without a doubt, this film looks and sounds beautiful on Blu-ray. I’m glad I watched it, I just was worn out waiting for the story to gel.

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  • Cast of Characters (1080p, 7:46)
  • Creating Jo Nesbø’s World (1080p, 4:05)
  • The Snowman Killer (1080p, 4:03)
  • Norwegian Landscape (1080p, 6:33)
  • Stunt Files: The Sinking Lake (1080p, 1:36)