Music Servers

Media Servers – Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going?

The term media server often conjures images of expensive and difficult-to-use products. In reality, the opposite is true. Today we'll talk about a few choice products, what the difference between a streamer and a server is, and how you can build your own solution from off-the-shelf parts.

Zildjian 18″ A Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash Cymbal (part of their Avedis Zildjian line) might be called a "bread and butter cymbal". If you are going to have just two crashes in your kit, and you play either jazz or big band, this cymbal would be there. Buddy Rich used one of these in his set of three (one ride, two crashes). That says just about everything that could be said. It's bright, fast, and neutral.