See the complete review of the Bryston SP4 16-channel Surround Processor

Now presenting a SECRETS scoop: the Bryston SP4 16-channel surround processor with Dirac Live room correction and SphereAudio binaural immersive headphone processing!

Bryston SP4 TEASER

Bryston developed the $13,995 16-channel SP4 in collaboration with StormAudio. The SP4 decodes all three immersive audio formats (Auro 3D, Dolby Surround, DTS:X) and includes their respective upmixers for stereo or surround content. Its 16-channel preouts can be configured into an astounding number of speaker layouts. Here is a small sample.

Bryston SP4 7-1-4 layout possibilities

Notably, the SP4 is one of the few processors with Dirac Live room correction that supports on-wall front and side/rear height channels for the immersive layer.

Bryston SP4 height channel layout

In addition to the SP4’s 16-channel primary output, it features two balanced “stereo downmix” outputs that can feed an external headphone amp. This output incorporates SphereAudio binaural immersive processing.

Bryston SP4 back

The Bryston SP4 offers a browser-based setup and control app and an iPad (though not iPhone) control app. The SP4 is also sympatico with Control4 and Creston home automation systems. Support for IR remotes (such as Harmony) is coming as well.

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On the video side, the Bryston SP4 supports 4K resolution and HDR color.

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Check back in shortly for my full review of Bryston’s SP4 immersive sound processor.

Bryston SP4 installed

See the complete review of the Bryston SP4 16-channel Surround Processor