Room correction is an often-overlooked facet of two-channel audio. It’s more-commonly found in home theater systems, but McIntosh has taken it to the next level with the MEN220 two-channel room correction system.

I found the instructions a bit hard to understand at first, but after getting it all set up and working, the result was well worth the effort. In case you’re wondering, the MEN220 connects in between the pre-amplifier and the amplifier, with balanced or unbalanced connections.

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It works by measuring the frequency response in locations in your room, starting with your main listening position, then calculates a “room knowledge score” in percent. The higher the score, the better the MEN220 understands your room and can make corrections. You can increase the score by taking more measurements in different room locations. This will make your system sound better, allowing the MEN220 to make more accurate corrections to the room’s response.

McIntosh MEN220 Specifications
Frequency Response:

+0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20,000Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion:

0.002% from 20Hz to 20,000Hz

Maximum Input Voltage:

4.5V Unbalanced and Balanced (Preamp-Power Amp)
2.25V Unbalanced and Balanced (Processor Loop)

Maximum Output Voltage:

4.5V Unbalanced and Balanced (Preamp-Power Amp)
2.25V Unbalanced and Balanced (Processor Loop)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-Weighted):


Input Impedance:

10K ohms Unbalanced and Balanced

Voltage Gain:


Output Impedance:

50 ohms

Crossover Filter Types, Order and Slope:

Butterworth, 1st order, 6dB/octave
Butterworth, 2nd order, 12dB/octave
Butterworth, 4th order, 24dB/octave
Linkwitz-Riley, 2nd order, 12dB/octave
Linkwitz-Riley, 4th order, 24dB/octave
Linkwitz-Riley, 8th order, 48dB/octave

Dimensions (WxHx D):

17-1/2″ (44.45cm) x 6″ (15.24cm) x 18″ (45.72cm) (including front panel, knobs and cables)


25.5lbs (11.6kg)

Shipping Weight:

41.9lbs (19kg)

McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction System MSRP:





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The MEN220 in the box

McIntosh MEN220 in the box

Opening the box to reveal the nicely packed microphone and stand, along with the cable.

McIntosh MEN220 mic, stand, and cable

The packaged microphone, stand and cable

McIntosh MEN220 mic, stand, and cable

Removing the microphone and revealing the inner carton

McIntosh MEN220 inner carton

The packaged MEN220 with the manual on top

McIntosh MEN220 with users manual

Unboxing the remote

McIntosh MEN220 remote

The MEN220 front

McIntosh MEN220 front panel

The MEN220 Rear

McIntosh MEN220 rear panel

The MEN220 first power on

McIntosh MEN220 initial powerup

The Microphone assembled and on the stand

McIntosh MEN220 mic on stand

Closeup of the microphone

McIntosh MEN220 mic closeup