Revel Performa M126Be Bookshelf Speakers Setup

The Revel Performa M126Be speakers are the bookshelf versions of Revel’s newest Performa speaker line, but this time with beryllium tweeter domes (the “Be” suffix to the model number). And let me say that those tweeters are quite something! Unlike the typical soft dome, that distorts and rolls off before reaching 20kHz; and unlike the typical metal dome, that rings like crazy; Revel’s Beryllium tweeters maintain pistonic motion to more than 40kHz! I find them closer to an electrostatic or ribbon sound of any dome tweeter that I’ve ever heard. But the auditory goodness isn’t limited to the treble! Watch for the upcoming review of the Revel Performa M126Be speakers for the whole story.

Revel Performa M126Be Bookshelf Speakers