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Douk Audio, also known as Nobsound, has been pushing some unique-looking pieces of audio gear recently and tube amps of any kind are popular on places like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. The X1 looks to be more than just a tube amp. It includes a built-in phono stage, Bluetooth, subwoofer output, and up to 160 watts of power. That all sounds great, but does it all work together? Let’s find out!

Douk Audio X1 Tube Amplifier

Douk Audio X1 Tube Amplifier Specifications
Bluetooth chip:

QCC3034 (support aptX & aptX-HD)

Amp IC:


Op amp:


Max output power:

160W+160W (4Ω load)

Speaker impedance:


Frequency response:

20Hz-20kHz (±3dB)


>90dB; THD: 0.5%

Input sensitivity:


Treble and Bass range:


Working voltage:

DC 19V-35V

Audio input:

Bluetooth 5.0 / stereo L/R RCA / MM Phono

Audio output:

banana speaker jacks / low-frequency output

Dimensions (W x D x H):

115 x 166 x 60mm / 4.53 x 6.54 x 2.36 inches


782g / 1.72lbs.




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Initial Thoughts and Listening

The first thing I thought of when listening to the X1 was that it looked like a mini Mcintosh MA252 with the front tubes and the raised rear enclosure. Setup was a breeze with no trouble getting the tubes installed. I found the power button to be a little odd because it’s very small, and you have to push it all the way down. I would hit the button, but not push it in far enough and the unit would just click on for a second then turn back off.

Douk Audio X1 Tube Amplifier Back View

Moving on to the tubes, we have dual JAN5654 tubes in the front, with the large volume knob, two EQ adjustments, and four switches. It sounds cluttered but I didn’t think so in my time with the X1. The volume knob was a bit big, and you could accidentally hit the tubes or EQ knobs when adjusting but it’s not a big deal. The EQ was very accurate, and I only had to make minor tweaks to get a balanced sound.

There are also tone and bass adjustment knobs on the front that don’t do a whole lot, so I just left them off. My favorite knob is the LED color adjustment, you can pick blue, orange, or off. I liked the calming blue tone.

On to how it sounds, and I am happy to report it does sound pretty good. It’s hard to find low-priced tube gear that actually has a tube sound and warmth to it but that is the X1’s shining feature, which is impressive for $159. Most budget tube amps sound cold but the X1 has a mild warmth in the highs that was very sweet. I didn’t notice anything unusual in the middle and low frequencies. Overall, I would give the sound a solid 6/10. For a sub $200 tube amp, it’s one of the best I’ve heard to date. If you’re looking for some tube sound at an entry-level price, the Douk X1 is a great pick.

I noted that a phono stage is included here. I found it sounded just okay, there was nothing bad or overly amazing about it. But the fact that it’s there makes the X1 an even better value. And yes, there is a subwoofer output as well.

Douk Audio X1 Tube Amplifier Angle View

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For the price and especially the sale price of $142 at the time of writing, the Douk X1 is a decent pick for entry-level tube enthusiasts. With the added phono stage, value is definitely there. The best part is that it sounds like a tube amplifier. It is definitely one of the more interesting tube models I have seen this year. It’s well worth a look for your desktop audio.