The VIZIO M55Q6 delivers Ultra HD resolution, HDR, Dolby Vision, and over 100% coverage of DCI-P3.

IZIO M55Q6 Ultra HD TV quantum color example on screen

It’s also incredibly accurate out of the box. And it does all this at the astounding price of just $580.

As much as I enjoy checking out premium displays, I love finding value gems like the VIZIO M55Q6. I just received one for review and after just a few hours, I’m very impressed. It’s a 55-inch VA panel with quantum dot color, HDR, a variable refresh rate for gaming, and VIZIO’s excellent SmartCast streaming interface.

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Setting it up only required I bolt on the two stand legs. Initial power-on had me connect to Wi-Fi and that was it. SmartCast includes apps for every major internet video service. I was watching Netflix within a few minutes. I noticed right away how good the picture looked in the M55’s Calibrated picture mode. A few quick measurements told me I could skip the calibration; it was nearly perfect right out of the box. But I’ll be calibrating the TV anyway because that’s how I roll.

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With support for every HDR format, HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision, the M55Q6 can play all the latest content from Ultra HD Blu-ray and streaming services. Shows like Netflix’s Formula One Drive to Survive look spectacular in Dolby Vision. The audio from the TV’s built-in speakers isn’t too bad either with some cool effects provided by DTS Neural:X processing.

The VIZIO M55Q6 is already impressing me on day one. I can’t wait to get into the detailed tests and some movie watching. Check out my full review appearing here soon.

IZIO M55Q6 Ultra HD TV smart capabilities on screen