While Perlisten Audio may be a new name to most audio enthusiasts, they have come to market swinging as they presented themselves to the world this year.

ALPerlisten Audio 5.2 Channel Home Theater SystemT

Perlisten introduced some distinctly top-shelf products that are squarely targeted to compete against the best currently out there. The company sent me a complete 5.2 channel home theater system to review. The product information sheets pointed to some serious technical innovations in these speakers and subs, along with being the first set of speakers to meet the requirements of a newly introduced THX specification with the menacing name of “Dominus.”

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Perlisten Audio 5.2 Channel Home Theater System closeup

Having done this job for going on 8 years now, I’ve gotten to learn about and experience a lot of diverse and interesting audio products here at Secrets. Plenty of these items come to my attention claiming to be “the next big thing, advancement, revolution, or whatever in sound.” But once you clear through all the marketing hyperbole and you take a good hard look, and listen, things tend to come a little more down to earth. My experience has been thus far, I find a lot of very good products, some that are not so good (we intentionally try not to waste our time with these because time is precious), and just a few exceptional items or even true surprises. We often see these sorts of “elevated” performance claims from brand new companies that come to market plying their wares and looking for press. Often, it’s a simple affair to spot the poseurs with high-end aspirations that end up being little more than flowery copy on a press release. Occasionally though, a genuinely unique and interesting take on, say a speaker or an amplifier or some other audio technology will come along that merits further investigation.

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Perlisten Audio 5.2 Channel Home Theater System setup

So, in short order, I found myself in the possession of a 5.2 channel Perlisten home theater system consisting of a pair of S7t tower speakers, an S7c center channel speaker, a pair of S4b bookshelf speakers, and two D212s subwoofers. Potentially one of the most potent surround systems that I have yet reviewed. And beyond simply exploring the entire system in my home theater as initially intended, I want to also spend some quality time with the S7t towers in my studio two-channel system. I want to hear how some of the applied technology in these speakers sounds with simple stereo music along with running some bench tests on them there to evaluate their technical performance. Will the products from this new company prove to be something truly special? Stay tuned for my complete review to publish on the Secrets website soon!

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