Is it possible to develop a high end speaker system that has its own amplifiers and can serve as a switcher for your source components, as well as let you stream from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sources like a portable digital audio player or a mobile phone or tablet?

The NSMT Loudspeakers Model 50/Jamaica Active Speaker System

That’s the challenge NSMT Loudspeakers took on with the development of the Model 50/Jamaica Active Speaker System. It’s designed to be a simple package that could meet many listeners quest for speakers, matched amplifiers and source switching in a single package.

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I was able to live with these speakers for several days and test them on a variety of source material that reflected all kinds of music, from folk and jazz to rock and classical.

NSMT Loudspeakers Model 50/Jamaica Active Speaker System

At $2495 the Jamaica Towers weren’t cheap speakers, so I put them up against more expensive systems to see how they would do. I changed their positions in my room, and let them play full range without an assist from a subwoofer to hear them as they were shipped.

There aren’t a lot of speakers with similar designs, but I was interested in how practical a speaker/amplifier combination would be, and do determine if the engineers at NSMT Loudspeakers met their goals of high quality sound in an integrated package.

My results will appear here soon, and audiophiles wanting a simplified matched speaker/amplifier combination would do well to check out how these speakers sound.

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