FLOW Rack Build Design

FLOW Rack Build Design

I am bringing a turntable into my living room! And not just any turntable! I have a VPI-HR-X turntable in my Audio Lab, but really wanted to be able to enjoy my vinyl collection in my home. So I am auditioning three turntables, and all three are substantial in size and weight. In the lab, my racking is pretty industrial in style, but that won’t do for the living room, or so I have been informed! For the last few months I have been considering the rack that will support the turntable, phono preamp, power amp, and some of my vinyl collection.

All of my audio components in our living room have been housed on, or in, antique furniture pieces, but that won’t do for serious and heavy audio components. I researched custom racks, but in going that route, I wanted something that would be as spectacular as the turntable that will sit on the rack. Just by happenstance (which is another story) I found a furniture builder, FLOWbkk Inc., designing and manufacturing beautiful pieces for homes and businesses: think coffee tables, dining tables, conference room tables, restaurant seating, etc.

FLOW Design Audio Racks

The pieces that I have seen are primarily Acacia wood and Rosewood, beautifully finished. One of the attractions for me, of using the Acacia wood, is the natural edge that will face outward. Instead of a sawn edge, it is the edge of the tree bark because the wooden slab is a cross-section of the Acacia tree itself.

Turntable and Audio Command Center

FLOWbkk is a design based manufacturer of custom made Live Edge furniture located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

So now we begin!

Michael and Valentino Tachavirat have created the designs to my specifications. I am actually building two racks that will sit side-by-side. They have selected the Acacia wood for the racks and have mapped out the cuts.

Acacia Wood Slabs Layout

The manufacturing process is well described on the FLOWbkk website, beginning with the process of drying the Acacia wood slabs for six months. Customers have the opportunity to view the slabs in their dried state before selecting the wood for a project.

Dried Acacia Wood Slabs

We have the design and the wood and we are looking forward to receiving the audio racks in a couple of months. I will be reporting back as we receive progress reports and images! One of the reasons I decided to have a custom-built rack constructed is that the turntables I am considering are very heavy, too heavy, in fact, for standard equipment racks. When you see what these guys can create, you will want one for your own turntable (maybe even if it is not heavy).