A couple of months ago, I reported on a custom AV furniture project that will house my new turntable and other audio gear.

FLOW Command Center

Actually, this will be two racks and will be “acceptable” to live in our living room. The racks are designed to hold my new turntable and all of the other related audio gear. I am very excited to see the progress of the Turntable and Audio Rack from FLOWbkk. Michael and Valentino are keeping me updated with photos and progress reports.

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A couple of weeks ago, I received an update! The FLOW team had finished cutting all of the shelves for both the Turntable and the CD racks. Each shelf was drawn to size in pencil and sent to me to see. Valentino describes that “when we cut pieces of this size we always cut larger than the necessary size. Then we plane the surface of each piece to the correct thickness before we cut each piece to the exact size.” Before the planning can begin, these very thick slabs need to be air dried for 3-4 days.

FLOW Command Center Measurements

FLOW Command Center Closeup

FLOW Command Center Plans

FLOW Command Center Block

FLOW Command Center Slabs

FLOW Command Center Slab Upright

The planing process is done on a routing table to level each side as well as remove the excess thickness. The top shelves for the Turntable and CD racks will have a thickness of around 2.5” and the remaining shelves will be 2” thick.

FLOW Command Center

FLOW Command Center Cutting

FLOW Command Center Cuts

FLOW Command Center Sanding

FLOW Command Center Closeup

So now all of the shelves have been planed on both surfaces, top and bottom. And the shelves have been sanded and cut to rough size. Rosewood has been acquired for the legs, which will make a beautiful contrast to the Acacia wood of the shelves.

FLOW Command Center Stilts

FLOW Command Center Pieces

The next steps will be to plane the Rosewood legs and cut the shelves and legs to size. The team is going to make a mock up to show me how the shelves will look based on our dimensions. This will show the correct size and space of each shelf along with the Rosewood legs. I’ll be talking to Michael and Valentino in the next week to discuss the positioning of the legs.

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More to come in Part III.

FLOWbkk is a design based manufacturer of custom made Live Edge furniture located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.