Spatial Audio M4 Triode Master Speakers Overview

The M4 is the entry-level speaker from Spatial. Spatial Audio owner and designer Clayton Shaw wants to enable music fans to experience top-dollar sound without having to pay top-dollar prices, and his line of open-baffle speakers go a very long way toward satisfying that desire.

Spatial Audio M4 Triode Master Speakers

The M4 Triode Master speakers are upgraded versions of the base-model Hologram M4 and retail for only $2995. They are 93db efficient with a 4-ohm nominal, 3-ohm minimum impedance. And they need as little as 5wpc to get them going. These numbers promise a happy partnership with both low-watt and high-watt amplifiers. But, will they sing or slouch with a four-watt Single-Ended Triode amp? Will they soar or start smoking with a 300-watt Class-D amp? I will listen to them with several amplifiers to find out.

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Spatial Audio Speakers

Spatial Audio M4 Triode Speakers

But what I’ve heard from them so far, powered by a 50wpc solid-state amp from the 1970s, is game-changing. I have never heard such seamless and open sound in my system. Stay tuned for a full review, where I’ll dive in deeper into just what makes these speakers so special.

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