OMG, I think I’m one of the luckiest guys on the planet!

Mark Levinson audio system

I just set up an amazing Mark Levinson audio system. The system includes the new Nº585.5 Integrated amp along with the Nº515 Turntable!  

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The amplifier is a 200 wpc Class A/B design with built in DAC that can handle 32-bit/192khz signals, including DSD over PCM via USB.  It also features a Pure Path Phono pre amp – a discrete design with no op-amps and operates exclusively in Class A throughout. This phono preamp has very flexible load and gain settings configurable via the beautiful red dot-matrix display.  

The Nº515 turntable I received came with a pre-installed Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cartridge.  I checked all the settings and it was set up perfectly which saved me a bunch of time and effort since all I needed to do was to put it together and fire it up!  

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This is already proving to be one of the best turntables I have reviewed.  And the amp is gorgeous looking and gorgeous to listen to as well. Many brands have an iconic look but I personally fall for the look and feel that Mark Levinson puts into each and every product they produce.  They are very luxurious products indeed. A comprehensive review is in the works.