Rythmik Audio is a Texas-based audio company specializing in subwoofers.

Rythmik Audio F12SE Subwoofer Preview

The company’s mission is simple, that is to create subwoofers that reproduce the most accurate bass possible at the best possible price. To achieve the best pricing part, Rythmik Audio offers its products through online-direct sales. Besides offering various ready-to-use sealed and vented type of powered subwoofers, the company also supports the DIY community by selling subwoofer components. To achieve accurate bass reproduction, Rythmik Audio utilizes its patented Direct Servo Technology, which uses a sensing coil to provide immediate feedback to ensure the driver movement precisely follows the input signal. Further, Rythmik also claims that every one of its subwoofers has bass extension lower than 20 Hz.

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Rythmik Audio F12SE Subwoofer

Top view of Rythmik Audio F12SE Subwoofer

This accurate and extended bass to below 20 Hz claim definitely intrigues me. Especially since I believe that most passive speakers, even the large floor standers, can benefit from the addition of a subwoofer (or two) to achieve truly full frequency-range sonic reproduction. As music reproduction is always my main goal, I chose one of the Rythmik sealed subwoofers, the F12SE (Signature Edition), for this review. The F12SE has a front-firing 12-inch anodized aluminum driver enclosed in an unassuming compact box that is finished attractively in glossy piano black. It is equipped with a 370 W RMS class A/B patented servo-controlled amplifier with a specified minus 3 dB point at 14 Hz, which is impressive. My upcoming review will especially look at the integration and performance aspects of this $1099 subwoofer with the main speakers in a stereo music system. For the sake of completeness, the performance of the subwoofer in a home-theater application will also be evaluated.

Back of Rythmik Audio F12SE Subwoofer

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