The Alta Audio Alec speaker is unusual in many ways – It is both a transmission line and a ported enclosure design; it uses a huge ribbon tweeter for the upper midrange and treble; its 8.75-inch diameter composite woofer not only dips deeply into the lower bass but also sounds as fast as a panel speaker in the midrange, and a tapered cabinet is designed to minimize vibration and to improve imaging.

Alta Audio Alec Loudspeaers Front View

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The Alecs have the most stunning finish I’ve ever seen on a speaker and retail for $10,000 per pair. And before you turn your nose up at paying that much for a “mere” two-way speaker, let me say that in their price range, the Alecs are a “must hear.”

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Think of the Alec speakers as “the most muscular electrostatic speakers you’ve never heard.” These are fast, articulate, wide-frequency-range, and zero-harshness speakers; the best in their price range that I’ve heard

Alta Audio Alec Loudspeaker, Side View