In the hi-fi world, Parasound needs no introduction.

Parasound A23+ amplifier – front view

The company is known to offer no-nonsense audio products with prices that do not go into stratospheric levels. Offering products in the sweet spot of quality-to-cost ratio is always the company’s mission. The success that Parasound has achieved since it was founded in 1981 is driven by the customers’ appreciation for the achievement of this very mission.

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Parasound is especially recognized for its amplifiers, which is of no surprise considering the legendary amplifier designer, John Curl, has been involved in the company’s amplifier product development since its early years. The Halo A23+ stereo power amplifier that I am currently reviewing is Parasound’s recent iteration of its popular Halo A23 amplifier. The A23+ has improved components and can deliver more power than its predecessor. With 160 W per channel into 8-ohm and 240 W per channel into 4-ohm loads, this is a beefier amplifier than its slim look suggests. It can also be bridged to generate mono amplification of 500 W into an 8-ohm load. My review report will elaborate on what you can expect from this reasonably-priced amplifier (MSRP $1595).

Parasound A23+ amplifier – rear view