I am unquestionably a fan of big speakers. To my ears, there is nothing that emulates the sonic thrill of live music better than a set of full-range tower speakers playing at high SPLs.

When the opportunity to review Legacy Audio’s Signature SE tower speakers presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

Legacy Audio Signature SE Tower Speakers

The Signature SEs are big speakers in every sense of the word. Weighing in at 106 pounds apiece and standing 48” tall, 12” wide, and 13.75” deep, the Signature SEs certainly command your attention. The driver array is nothing to sneeze at either: one 1” Air Motion Tweeter (AMT), one 4” AMT mid-range, one 7” Silver Graphite mid-woofer, and two 10” aluminum woofers in a 4-way configuration.

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Initial Impressions:

After nearly herniating myself getting these up 14 steps into my media room, I quickly unpacked the boxes to check them out. Sporting some very nice cabinetry with a top-notch finish (“Black Pearl” on my review samples), the Signature SEs are definite lookers. Initial listening sessions have shown that while the Signature SEs can certainly do “big” sound, they offer so much more than just deep bass and high SPL levels. This is certainly going to be a fun few weeks of listening.

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Stay Tuned:

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