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Paradigm Monitor SE 5.0 Speaker Review

Paradigm has designed the Monitor SE Speaker Series to bring their signature sound quality to the budget-minded audio enthusiast. Much of the technology that goes into their high-end Persona series has trickled down into the Monitor SEs, such as the X-PAL™ Pure-Aluminum Dome Tweeters with exclusive Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Lens.

Polk Audio T50 Speakers Review

Polk Audio T50 Speakers Review

When the Secrets Team contacted me about reviewing a pair of new Polk Audio speakers I got excited because I felt like I was going to see an old friend. Back in the 1980’s I sold Polk Audio at the audio store I worked at. I have fond memories of that time. I met Mathew Polk (and Golden Ear maven Sandy Gross who was with Polk at the time) before the famous Polk SDA era. Back then the Polk 5, 7, and 10 models were a super value for audiophiles on a budget. A good, fun bunch of guys worked with Polk back then. Polk was establishing themselves as a no nonsense, give the consumer a great speaker at a great price company. So I was curious to see if the latest Polk speaker would be like a similar value of its famous predecessors.

PSB Imagine T2 Tower Speakers

I'd already begun the review for the Imagine Mini when I was offered the Imagine T2 introduced around CES in 2012. If I hadn't given enough admiration for the Mini in my review, let me reiterate as much, because they now sit at home on a shelf, I couldn't part with them.


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