Fluance is an internet-based Hi-Fi company located in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Fluance Signature Series front

They offer a range of home theater speaker systems, Bluetooth enabled music systems, and even turntables. As with most online speaker companies they offer in home trials with free return shipping. Surprisingly they offer something almost unheard of in any retail industry, a life-time warranty. It was that warranty and refreshingly low prices that peaked my interest in these speakers. How low? $699 USD / $944 CDN per PAIR for these large, well equipped tower speakers.

The Signature Series Floorstanding speakers have dual 8” Polypropylene woofers mounted in a ported enclosure that is separated internally from the 5” woven glass midrange and 1” silk dome tweeter. All housed in a large, 4’ tall vinyl-wrapped mdf box that features a 1.4” piano-black front baffle. These speakers are very heavy at over 60 Lbs per speaker, and come equipped with sturdy outriggers. In the back are two flared ports and one over-built set of speaker terminals.

Rated at 8ohms with a sensitivity of 89dB, these appear on paper to be relatively easy to drive. For this review I will be using them in two different systems, both in the same room.

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System 1 is powered by a beefy Parasound NewClassic 5250v2 amplifier (250w / ch @ 8ohms) with a Marantz av7005 processor and my HTPC source.

Fluance Signature Series binding posts

System 2 contains a smaller power amplifier, Luxman m117 amplifier (60 watts @ 8ohms) with a Raspberry PI/HiFi Berry DAC source. Initial impressions in system 1 show promising results with clear highs, a wide soundstage and descent imaging. I am very interested to hear if these speakers are the incredible value their price and warranty imply.

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