The “GEM” in GEM Dandy is none other than analog guru George E. Merrill who has been a fixture in the hi-fi business since the early 1970s. During that time, in addition to operating his hi-fi retail operation in Memphis, he has designed, modified, and repaired turntables.

The idea behind the PolyTable is a true high performance at an affordable price. Easy to say, hard to do. The look and feel of the PolyTable is very unorthodox. While it is a belt driven design, it appears made almost entirely from plastic. It is designed that way in order to achieve a resonance frequency below that of recorded sound. In basic configuration, the PolyTable comes with a Jelco 9-inch tonearm and costs $1595. There are several arm upgrade options available as well as an optional digital motor drive. All PolyTables are designed and manufactured in the USA. PolyTables do not include pre-installed cartridges. The review version features a Jelco 10-inch tonearm and the optional motor drive which brings the retail price to $2685.

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GEM Dandy PolyTable Turntable