In this new blog, I am going to show you how to make better use of the ever-growing number of smart-home gadgets on the market today; in ways that you may never have thought possible.

Covering things like audio, video, security, automation and more, these upgrades can make your home smarter, more secure and just better in every way. So let’s get right to our first mini-project. This month we are going to make a 120dB Wi-Fi alarm with remote access, all for less than $50!

Wi-Fi-Controlled 120dB Alarm Siren Parts

What this can be used for

  • Have cameras (like Nest) that alert you to activity on your property? If you see something happening and you’re out of town, you now have a defense; just activate the siren from your phone while you call 911!

  • Need a cheaper alternative to a security system? With IFTTT or a system like Control4, you can use motion, door contact or camera sensors to activate an alarm as needed. Programming may be required, but this option can make it happen at minimal cost.

    Parts you will need

    • 1 x 12-volt DC transformer (power supply)
    • 2 x wire connectors (also called beanies)
    • 1 x 120dB siren, 12 volt
    • 1 x Wi-Fi controlled power outlet with remote access to turn on and off

    Tools you will need

    • Smartphone
    • Wire stripper/cutter
    • Drill or screwdriver to mount your siren

    How to create it

    • Unpack the siren and power supply.
    • Using your wire strippers, remove about a quarter-inch of insulation from the siren’s wire and do the same with the power supply wire. READ the instructions for the siren AND power supply to ensure you wire them together correctly – positive to positive and neutral to neutral, using the beanies.
    • Install the Wi-Fi power outlet according to its instructions. Don’t plug in the siren until you’ve connected the outlet to its app and you’re sure it works. Use a lamp to ensure the outlet powers up when you tell it to.
    • Check that the outlet is switched off, and then plug in the siren. When you’re ready to test it, retreat to a safe distance, preferably outside! 120dB is very loud!

    Wi-Fi-Controlled 120dB Alarm Siren Complete

    Things to be careful of – Wi-Fi outlets are neither foolproof nor perfect, alarms could go off randomly if it malfunctions, just like any security system. Do not place in an area that could cause hearing damage to someone; be mindful of where you install it.

    So that’s it! You have made a Wi-Fi controlled 120dB alarm that will help make your home a much safer place. I hope you enjoyed this month’s project, check us out next month for another new idea to make your home a little smarter!