The Emotiva PA-1 balanced class-D mono power amplifiers don’t generate any great expectations – Three pounds?

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Size of a paperback book? Only $600 a pair? This isn’t an audio amplifier; it’s a toy! And class-D to boot – I don’t want any rough-sounding pro-audio junk!

Emotiva PA-1 Monoblock Amplifier

Well – surprise! This is the first affordable class-D power amplifier with audiophile sound. Emotiva, the company known for making high-end affordable, surprises yet again with their PA-1 monoblock amplifiers. Having owned “pro” class-D amplifiers before, I wasn’t expecting too much from them, but the B&O ICEpower AS300 modules in these little boxes sound stunning. Yes, Hypex and other high-end companies have used class-D amplification with audiophile-quality results, but their high prices have been commensurate with their high performance. Emotiva now lowers the price significantly for audiophile sound from a class-D product.

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Set your prejudices aside and prepare for the most surprising amplifier I’ve ever heard. The Emotiva PA-1 leaves both cost and performance expectations behind and manages to compete with far more expensive power amplifiers in almost all aspects. Every manufacturer selling upscale amplifiers now has cause to really worry… Emotiva strikes again! Full review coming soon.