From a story no doubt inspired by recent headlines, a stolen laptop loaded with malware and misbehaving social media leads to mayhem and multiple murders. The film is an offshoot of 2014’s Unfriended, although that film is more supernatural than our current review subject.

Dark Web - Movie Cover
Universal Pictures 2018
1080p, Rated R, Dolby Digital 5.1, Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Starring: Colin Woodell, Betty Gabriel
Director: Stephen Susco



Violence: Yes
Sex: Yes
Language: Yes


I guess you’d say this is a techno/teen slasher movie. It’s an interesting premise, as a kid steals a laptop from a coffee shop lost and found and as soon as this MacBook boots up, trouble begins. Our hero (?) notices the laptop performance is really slow and that’s because the hard drive is filled with badly lit scenes of people being abducted and tortured.

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The whole movie takes place on the laptop screen, as we see the computer thief’s friends on Skype calls and other social media. This kid is clearly living his whole life on this laptop.

Unfriended: Dark Web - Blu-Ray Movie Review

Soon he gets threatening messages about returning the laptop, and wouldn’t you know, his friends start getting killed one by one. At the end it’s down to the unfortunate owner of the stolen laptop and his girlfriend, who is deaf, which increases the suspense due to the couples challenged communications using sign language, something the boyfriend neglected to learn very well.

Unfriended: Dark Web - Blu-Ray Movie

I can’t say that this is a great movie. It falls too neatly into similar films and it’s filled with events we expect to happen. It’s grim, with little humor, but seen with friends it’s probably an OK view.


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It’s hard to judge the Blu-ray quality of a film completely taking place on a laptop screen, with lower quality Skype Video, but the story is engaging, and you go with the flow. This is not a demo disc by any means and it does not pretend to be.

Unfriended: Dark Web - Movie Review

Audio is pretty good when the music score is used. There’s some low bass when appropriate, and some directional effects.


Three alternate endings