The VIZIO P65Q9 is a 65-inch Ultra HD TV with Quantum Color, every flavor of HDR, 1200 nits brightness, and a 144-zone local dimming backlight. I’ve just received one for review.

 VIZIO P65Q9 Ultra HD TV

When it comes to hitting the ideal balance between price and performance, VIZIO is at the top of its game. The P65Q9 Ultra HD TV, new for 2021, delivers reference-level color accuracy with a large gamut, every flavor of HDR, 1200 nits brightness, a high-speed gaming engine, and VIZIO SmartCast for streaming convenience. You also get a 144-zone local dimming backlight with a high-contrast VA panel. The price? $1,300.

As impressive as that is, it still has to perform. I’ve just finished the initial setup of the P65Q9 and its baseline measurements are impressive. I won’t need to adjust much in the TV’s Calibrated or Calibrated Dark modes.

Accessing HDR content is a snap through the SmartCast interface. I’ve already logged into my Netflix account and checked out a few episodes of Formula One Drive to Survive. There’s nothing quite like Dolby Vision on a high-contrast panel. I look forward to exploring SmartCast more. I’ll also be spinning a few movies from a Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

The VIZIO P65Q9 is a very capable display that delivers a lot for the money. For more details about its performance, stay tuned for my full review coming here soon.

VIZIO P65Q9 Ultra HD TV SmartCast