PreSonus MicroStation BT

PreSonus just sent me their new MicroStation BT.

It’s a handy little gadget that packs some neat features in a small box. Adding Bluetooth and a sub out to any pair of powered speakers, it allows you to create a simple wireless 2.1 system just about anywhere. It’s a small, tabletop box that offers some nice features and at $129, it’s not going to hurt your wallet. Let’s jump into the review.

Quick Specs
  • Connections – ¼” Balanced TRS Active, 1/8” stereo input, 1/8” headphone output
  • Bluetooth input – BT 5.1
  • Power – USB-C
  • Physical Dimensions – 2.2” High, 3.9” Deep, 4.9” Wide and 1lb weight
  • Price – $129

PreSonus MicroStation BT Back

In the box

Depending on where and how you plan to install the MicroStation BT, it’s always important to note what’s included and it doesn’t impress right away because it’s not 100% usable out of the box. PreSonus includes only the USB C cable but no wall adapter for the USB power cord. If you don’t have a USB outlet or a wall adapter with you, you can’t power it. Not a big issue, but for someone installing this on a job or remotely this could create a big issue quickly. Moving on, the manual is clear and easy to follow when setting up, I found no issue understanding the features and setup steps needed.

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The box has a smooth plastic feel on the top and sides, while the back and bottom are metal. The volume knob feels tight and has no play. Where I feel PreSonus could have improved are the four buttons on the face, they feel far cheaper than the rest of the unit and have a wobble to them when pressed. Oh, and there is no power button or switch, weird… Luckily you won’t be using the buttons as much as the volume knob. The rubber feet also kept a solid grip on my desk every time I went to change the volume. Overall, it’s a solid build, but the cheap buttons are a bummer.


Setting up the unit was easy, the Bluetooth connected right to my phone and it worked without issue. I got everything plugged into my pair of PreSonus Eris E4.5 and got to listening. For these types of gadgets, they should not contribute or add anything to an audio signal so the more invisible they sound, the better. The MicroStation BT was crystal clear with no audible grain or static. The volume knob didn’t produce any noise, it was smooth and clean. I’m very impressed with its neutrality and it’s one of the best Bluetooth boxes I’ve ever heard at any price point.

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The sub bypass and mute buttons are convenient to have when listening and demoing systems. This would make a great box to bring along to audio shops to listen to setups when you want to keep your source consistent sounding. I do wish it had some RCA inputs on the back for greater flexibility, but I understand where PreSonus is aiming this unit at. It didn’t leave me wanting when it came to the sound quality, it was simply superb.

PreSonus MicroStation BT Close Up


The PreSonus MicroStation BT is a great unit for the price, at only $129 it sounds great and looks great. I wish the quality of the buttons was a bit better. A power button and a USB wall adapter would be nice, but the sound is of course where it counts, and that is where it shines. If you’re looking to add Bluetooth to your system and you’re fine with using only TRS cables, this is the box for you. I also enjoyed the secret Redfish Couvillion recipe included in the manual, a nice extra touch there PreSonus.