So, what do YOU think of when you consider Class D amplification?

Starke AD4.320 Power Amplifier

If you’re like me, you think of the popular pro amplifiers with their glassy treble and cheap AD/DA pseudo-DSP features. If you’ve a bit more experience, you might think of the MUCH better sounding Emotiva PA-1 amplifiers or possibly a Hypex NCore model. But hold on; now you have the Starke Sound AD4.320 power amplifier to toss into the Class D mix.

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The Starke Sound AD4.320 power amplifier features dual 30-Ampere transformers, Starke-designed, 600kHz stereo amplification modules, four channels with bridging capability, and stability to 2 Ohms at the speaker outputs. But all this techie goodness wouldn’t matter unless the amp sounds AMAZING. Does it? Actually, I think it DOES!

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When it comes to voicing, transparency, speed, and extension, the Starke AD4.320 power amplifier is a winner. Why do I say so? Watch for the coming full review.