Did you ever think about putting a big screen theater on your head? The folks at Royole have come up with the Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater, an immersive headset that gives you top quality video and audio in your own private space with head-mounted high-resolution goggles and noise-reducing headsets.

These ‘home theater on your head’ designs have been around. Sony tried one back in 2017, the HMZ-T1, but it didn’t set the world on fire. It was uncomfortable, and lacked really great quality video or audio.

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The Royole Moon is a much better product if you have a use for such a device. Travelers on long flights come to mind, since the Moon can run about 5 hours on its batteries. I also think the Moon will appeal to enthusiasts with a lot of people around the house. Put on the Moon 3D Mobile Theater and you’re watching big screen movies, even in sharp 3D without disturbing anyone.

The Moon also offers wireless web connectivity and a YouTube app, and the ability to view photos and videos from its internal storage. You can plug it into any HDMI equipped video player with the included cables, and watch anything you’d normally watch on your own flat screen.

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So how practical is the Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater? At $799 is it worth the money, and just how good is the video and audio? And finally, does it really simulate the look of a big screen from its twin AMOLED HD displays?

Look for my in-depth review soon with tests of Blu-ray movie playback, browsing the internet and what it’s like to travel with a mobile home theater.