Sometimes you just can’t get a side-firing subwoofer to work in your room.

Power Sound Audio S1510DF

Either the cone side is too close to the wall or some piece of furniture is in the way. Downward-firing subwoofers avoid that issue, and the Power Sound Audio S1510DF subwoofer is one of the better ones I’ve heard! In addition to its downward-firing convenience, the subwoofer is also a sealed-box model. This means no port noises, no frequency response peaks, and deeper bass than almost any ported sub.

In short, the Power Sound Audio S1510DF subwoofer is a great choice for both music and for movies. Its plate amplifier offers enough flexibility that it should work in just about any sized room. In addition to that, the sub can be returned if it isn’t working for your room or traded in if you want to buy a bigger sub later.

Power Sound Audio S1510DF Subwoofer

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