Legacy Audio is famous for many things, one of which is producing speakers and subwoofers that have incredible bass response.

Many of their quite large speakers and subs are paradoxically capable of nuanced performance at low to mid volume levels. This counter-intuitive aspect of their products allows them to deliver high quality, sustained performance over many years of ownership. They truly are Legacy type of products.

Foundation Sub Front

Foundation Sub Back

Getting back to the bass equation, every Legacy speaker I have heard displays excellent performance qualities in the bass. These guys are bass gurus! So I am pleased to announce that I have their newest subwoofer in for evaluation – the Foundation.

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This sub has dual 12” front-mounted active drivers with a pair of 12” passive radiators (one is on the rear of the cabinet and the other is down-firing). The active drivers have 3” voice coils and 30 pound magnets each. The passive radiators have a peak to peak travel of 4”. This is all driven by an ICEpower® Class D amp that can pump out 30 amperes of current (1,000 watts power rating). It is this current capability that gives the amplifier the ability to control these massive drivers. In any event, this is a lot of woofage in a small footprint.

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This sub is in my system now and I may find it hard to let go and the end of the review period. Look for my review in a few months