See the complete review of the ELAC Uni-Fi Slim 5.1 Speaker System

I’ve had a chance to hear Andrew Jones demonstrate ELAC’s Uni-Fi line of speakers at both CES and RMAF and have come away from each demo feeling impressed with what I’d heard.

Needless to say, I was excited when some shipment boxes from ELAC showed up at my door last week.

ELAC Uni-Fi Slim Speakers

ELAC sent a complete 5.1 channel system, consisting of four UNI-Fi Slim Bookshelf speakers, a UNI-Fi Slim Center Channel speaker and the Debut S10EQ Subwoofer.

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The individual speakers are all three-way bass reflex designs featuring a 4-inch concentric tweeter/midrange driver and a 5.25-inch aluminum woofer (two for the center channel). The subwoofer sports a 10-inch long throw driver with a 10-inch passive radiator. The sub also has an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet that will allow you to manually or automatically EQ the sub to your room.

ELAC Debut S10EQ Subwoofer

At first blush, these speakers have the look and feel of very high quality gear, even though they are one of ELAC’s more affordable product lines. The satin white painted finish and the slimmer front baffles really do lend a more refined air to their looks. The subwoofer, being a part of the Debut line, sports a textured black vinyl wrap finish but still looks, and feels, very good.

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Although these “Slim” versions of the Uni-Fi line were originally designed for the European market, with slimmer faces and different finishes, they are available in the US at an increased price over the standard Uni-Fi line. I have them currently configured around my workstation for discreet surround audio and video consumption while working. A full review will be coming in the near future.

ELAC Test Setup

MSRP for the complete set is $2500.00 while MSRP for the same speakers in the “standard” Uni-Fi line would be $1850.00. Both the Slim and regular line are said to sound identical.

See the complete review of the ELAC Uni-Fi Slim 5.1 Speaker System