Martin Logan is best known for electrostatic speakers, but they also make soundbars, subwoofers, and traditional cabinet/cone-driver models known as the Motion series.

In 2013, their Vision soundbar received a Secrets’ Best Soundbar Award. In 2017, they’ve introduced two new soundbars; the Cadence and the Verse.

Martin Logan Cadence Soundbar Front View

I’m no stranger to Martin Logan’s soundbars, having reviewed their Vision Soundbar a few years back. My Cadence arrived a couple of weeks ago along with a Dynamo 700 10” wireless sub. Soundbars are a great option for people who have a flat panel TV but are unable to fit a whole surround system into their media room.

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Martin Logan Cadence Soundbar Closeups

Boasting nine 2.5” drivers with 135 combined watts via nine amplifiers, the Cadence is the slightly more powerful of the two new soundbars. With wireless capabilities, DTS 5.1 sound processing, ARC (Anthem Room Correction), an Ethernet input, and the ability to stream music over your network, the Cadence is designed to fit nicely under a 50” or larger flat panel television.

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It can be wall-mounted (with a depth of less than 4”) or placed directly under the TV on a shelf. With ARC, it can be optimized for sound no matter which way you chose to mount it. The subwoofer can be of any make or model, but the Dynamo 700 is a great choice to mate with the Cadence.

At just under $999, the Cadence offers a lot of flexibility and great sound quality. Look for my full review of the Cadence and Dynamo 700 combo in the next few weeks.

Martin Logan Dynamo 700 Subwoofer

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