AVM may not be a household name in the US, but this German audio company has been around for a while (established in 1986) and its audio products have been well recognized in Europe.

AVM Evolution A5.2 integrated amplifier front

In the US, Bluebird Music has picked up the distribution of AVM’s products since last year.

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The AVM product previewed here is the Evolution A5.2 integrated amplifier, which has a MSRP of $6,995. In its basic configuration, this beautiful product serves as a classic stereo integrated amplifier, accepting line-level balanced (1) and unbalanced inputs (5). It employs a hybrid design utilizing tube line stage coupled with internal dual-mono Class D amplifier rated at 2 x 200 W (8-ohm loads) or 2 x 350 W (4-ohm loads). The Evolution A5.2 is also supplied with a fancy-looking metal remote control, that can be used to switch between inputs and to control the volume. The A5.2 also provides an optional upgrade path, allowing for up to three modular circuit-board cards (phono, tuner, or DAC) to be installed into the slots accessible from the rear of the unit. Currently, each card has a retail price of $630.

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My initial listening through the A5.2 suggests that this integrated amplifier possesses beauty that is not just a skin deep. Stay tuned for more information on the sonic performance of this product in my upcoming review.

AVM Evolution A5.2 integrated amplifier rear

AVM AVM Evolution A5.2 remote control