Questyle introduces M12 mobile hi-fi headphone amplifier with DAC to enable lossless music playback. Award-winning AMP and DAC innovators bring hi-end sound to mobile devices.

Shenzhen, China – July 29, 2021 – Questyle Technology Co. Ltd., the innovations leader of DACs, headphone amplifiers, and wireless audiophile amplifier systems, is proud to announce their new M12 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with DAC to allow mobile phone listeners to break through the limitations of current mobile phone technology and enjoy lossless music from any streaming platform.

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“Questyle and ESS’s team spent two years developing the mobile headphone amplifier with DAC and it performs better than even expected. The logo of both Questyle and ESS are placed on M12 in order to mark the first cooperation between the two companies. Whether it is the richness of female vocals, the deepest bass sound of an organ in European cathedrals or the strongest bass and guitar melodies in hard rock, the M12 will always be able to capture the details buried deep in soundtracks,” says Jason Wang, Founder of Questyle Audio.

The M12 uses Questyle’s patented “Current Mode Amplification” technology to become a powerful headphone amp. Benefiting from self-developed SiP Current Mode Amplifier module, the M12 is free from the power limitations of mobile phone amplifier chips, and instead provides an ultra-low distortion level of 0.0003%, an ultra-high current output power, and excellent sound control. In short, it will fully utilize the potentiality of both your headphones and high-resolution music tracks.

When plugged into a pair of headphones, the Questyle M12’s built-in smart detection system will automatically detect and self-adjust to fit the headphone’s impedance, instantly providing excellent dynamic performance and capturing details buried deep inside tracks. The M12 also includes MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) Renderer technology, which can connect to an MQA Core signal and deliver the final unfolding of the MQA file. MQA is a new technology that removes digital distortion and packages audio streams efficiently into files that are small enough to stream, achieving the highest quality playback, original sound, more efficiently.

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Questyle’s M12 is fully compatible with Android 5.1 and above systems for smartphones and tablets. It also supports Mac OS and Windows 10 version 18.3 and above with no additional driver installation required.

The M12 is available in Classic Black and Stylish Silver and retails for $139.99 USD.

QUESTYLE TechnologyAbout QUESTYLE Technology Co. Ltd.

Since 2012, Questyle’s mission for audio perfection originates from providing perfect acoustic aesthetics and the most advanced technology to satisfy the most demanding audiophile needs. With innovations such as patented Current Mode Amplification, the company can achieve the musicality, accuracy, authority, and reliability associated with the finest audio electronics. Collaborating with acclaimed partners ESS, Foxconn and USI, and others, Questyle delivers pure sound reproduction through their Headphone Amplifiers, DACs, DAPs, and Wireless Amplifier Systems. Engineered and supported by an international staff, the quest to be a leader in today’s audio engineering space is their style!