The Sonus faber Olympica II is the smallest floor stander of the Olympica Collection, featuring a 3-way design in a modest size of just under 41” tall and 68 lbs. each.

Sonus faber Olympica Nova II hero

But as stated on Sonus faber’s website, “Don’t be fooled by its dimensions, its voice is imbued with an amazing character”.

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Given that Sonus faber is well known for their Reference Collection speakers with prices upwards of $250,000, some may mistakenly look upon the small-ish Olympica Nova II as a consolation prize of sorts, even at the $10,000 price point. But in my experience with Sonus faber, I have found that the technologies developed for their Reference speakers more than trickle down into the price points where most of us are shopping.

Sonus faber Olympica Nova II

Not only do the Sonus faber Olympica Nova II speakers employ much of the same technologies as their premium-priced models, but they also are manufactured with the same levels of build quality and stylish industrial design. There’s just a certain Italian flair to the Sonus faber that I have yet to experience with any other manufacturer. They want their speakers to look as good as they sound, and that is very important to me as a consumer of high-end electronics.

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In my upcoming review, I will take you through the details of the Sonus faber Olympica Nova II speakers to discover what their sound characteristics are all about.