The all-new PSB Synchrony B600 Bookshelf Speaker looks poised to advance the state of the art in Canadian speaker design.

PSB Synchrony B600 Bookshelf Speaker Black

Developed at the National Research Council labs, it delivers premium sound from a small cabinet using all new components.

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Fans of Canadian speakers, myself included, will rejoice in PSB’s new line of Synchrony speakers. The B600 bookshelf model sports a simple and elegant look with all new drivers, a milled aluminum front baffle, special feet from ISO Acoustics, and a carefully engineered cabinet; that all combine to deliver premium sound, high performance and excellent value. Designed by Paul Barton at Canada’s famed National Research Council labs, it represents the next evolution in a storied line of speakers.

A pair of these lovelies, along with stands, just showed up at my door finished in satin walnut veneer. The cabinets seem almost solid, they’re so well-damped, yet the speakers are surprisingly light, just 23 pounds apiece. I assembled the heavy metal stands and noted that the B600s have very large feet, not the stuck-on furniture pucks one usually sees, but a nice set of rubber isolators.

Initial impressions are very positive. The B600s deliver an impressive amount of bass for their size and just playing a few tunes while walking around the room shows they have a tremendous dispersion and a wide sound stage. The sweet spot is large enough to accommodate at least four people sitting on a couch. It’s clear these speakers are equally suited for intimate listening sessions or for entertaining a group of friends at a party. They rock and caress music with equal dexterity.

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I look forward to spending many hours listening to the PSB Syncrony B600s over the next few weeks. My full review will be published here soon.

PSB Synchrony B600 Bookshelf Speaker