I had the good fortune to attend a launch event for MartinLogan’s new line of powered subwoofers.

ML Dynamo 1600x

See the complete review for the Martin Logan Dynamo 1600x Subwoofer.

This event was staged at the Starpower shop in North Dallas. The new and updated Dynamo lineup includes five models that are all sealed box designs and range in driver size from 8” up to 15”. Power ranges from 900 watts RMS in the 15” model down to 75 watts RMS in the smallest sub.

These subs incorporate a lot of significant features. I think the biggest of these is the smart phone control as well as having Anthem Room Correction (ARC) implementable through your smart phone as well.

ML Dynamo 1600x Overview

I received the largest model for review a few weeks ago. It is the 15” Dynamo 1600X. It is in my system now, providing forceful and extended bass response. In setting it up, I used both of the MartinLogan mobile apps. I first used the ARC Mobile App to apply room correction to the sub. This app uses the mic on your smart phone to measure the subwoofer via the highly regarded ARC room correction process.

The second app, known as the MartinLogan Sub Control App allows me to control volume level, low-pass filter (frequency and order), phase, 20–30Hz level, three preset listening modes, and control of Anthem Room Correction. It can also issue a tone sweep that is used to locate rattles in your listening room.

The active driver features inverted surrounds and the system is easily configurable as either forward-firing or down-firing. MartinLogan recommends the down-firing configuration for cinema applications while the forward-firing set up is claimed to be better for music playback.

Keep your eyes out for my complete review coming soon the the Secrets main site.

See the complete review for the Martin Logan Dynamo 1600x Subwoofer.